Welcome beautiful mamas to ‘The Art Of Joyful Mothering’

In this course you will learn how to let go of all that is no longer serving you and embrace a new way of being that elevates your life to a new level where you feel joy, excitement and love every single day

What to expect

  • Realise your dreams and discover the exact steps to achieve them
  • Simplify your life by clarifying your priorities and creating balance and flow
  • Connect to your inner light
  • Let go of all that no longer serves you, any negativity and anything weighing you down so you can feel lighter, happier and move in a state of flow
  • Learn transformational techniques that you can use again and again
  • Become more aware of who you have been so that you can become the person you want to be
  • Develop a new powerful mindset that will help you rise up and reach your potential
  • Feel uplifted, inspired and ready to embrace life with a new sense of fulfillment, joy and awe
  • Be part of a beautiful community of mums ready to live their dream life

Who am I

I am Hannah, aka hannahmindfulmother, a conscious, fun loving mama of three beautiful children who loves nothing more than simply being in nature with my family whether than be on the bikes, in the woods, on the beach or on a big adventure.  I am also someone who has always has big visions and big dreams so after being very ill with Crohns disease a few years ago I fully embraced my own journey of self discovery. I experienced such an incredible transformation both in terms of my health and life in general that it became my mission to help mothers all over the world realise the same joy and wholeness that I now feel on a daily basis.

This  mission to help and inspire mamas all over the world to  live their dream life with their children by connecting more to their inner light led to “The Enlightened mamas movement’.  My dream is that each and every mamas will move beyond the limitations of their ego and discover their true self, reconnecting to the never ending , bright light within them and allow it to shine out into the world.  This movement is one of absolute love and joy and will not only change the lives of mothers  for the better but also their children and all of humanity. Making time every single day to connect to our inner light is the greatest gift we can give our children. My dream is that mothers everywhere will discover the incredible potential within them to live a life full of wonder and awe and realise just how powerful they can be . We are the creators of our life  and we are here for reason, let’s embrace our life and embark on a wonderful journey together. As your coach I am committed to giving you my absolute best and offer my heartfelt friendship as we embark on this journey together in love and peace.

£995 (early bird offer)price after 15th of April will be £1795

12 week transformational course

If you have any questions don’t hestitate to contact me via email